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Chainsaw Vibration Test

Example of how a saw is designed for low vibration.

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Stihl MS 171
One of a new generation of occasional use saws, the MS 171 STIHL chain saw features reduced-emission engine technology — an advantage for the user because it reduces fuel consumption while reducing exhaust emissions. This innovative chain saw is just right for homeowners who need to cut firewood, fell small trees or do clean up.
Made in USA Made in USA
type: gas
CCs: 30.1
horse power: 1.7
bar length: 14"
weight: 9.5 lbs
target audience: homeowner

Stihl MS 280
Don't need a professional chain saw but want all the same impressive features? Look no further. The MS 280 is the world’s first chain saw featuring STIHL's Intelligent Engine Management technology. Its innovative control system electronically optimizes fuel mixture over the whole RPM-range to ensure top engine performance, especially when there is a significant change in altitude. With more power than the MS 270, this chain saw cuts faster and is both comfortable and efficient to use.
Made in USA Made in USA
type: gas
CCs: 54.7
horse power: 2.7
bar length: 18"
weight: 11.7 lbs
target audience: landowner/farmer

Stihl MS 441
With a new edge in chain saw technology, the MS 441 Magnum™ boasts an advanced pre-filtration system, noticeably reduced vibrations and a higher torque level over a wide RPM range. More powerful than than previous models, this chain saw is also emissions conscious, with 10 to 20 percent less fuel consumption depending on the application
Made in USA Made in USA
type: gas
CCs: 70.7
horse power: 4.1
bar length: 20"
weight: 14.6 lbs
target audience: professional/logger
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