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RedMax Chainsaws

Known for superior design, top performance and a variety of excellent features, all RedMax chain saws are comfortable, powerful and long-lasting. The well-designed top handle and high cutting speed result in light, compact and extremely well-balanced chainsaws that make quick, accurate cuts.
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Strato-Charged Engine
Most engines feature the Strato-Charged engine technology which reduces impact on the environment through efficient engine design, increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.
RedMax was one of the world's first outdoor power equipment manufacturers to take steps toward improving the environment. For over 20 years, they have been committed to making all of their products as environmentally friendly as possible...

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$299.99 RedMax GZ4000
With its power-to-weight ratio and performance, the RedMax chainsaw is the commercial user's best friend. The GZ4000 is ...
$199.99 RedMax GT3100T
The G3100T is a top-handle saw specifically engineered for arborists. Its compact design makes it easy to use for bucket...
$409.99 RedMax G5300
The NEW G5300 is a professional, high-speed limbing saw. The G5300 includes the MaxLogic ignition system which provides ...
$299.99 RedMax GZ3500T
The 3500T is a commercial-duty, high-torque arborist chainsaw designed for tree care professionals. The 3500T includes t...
$239.99 RedMax GZ400
The GZ400 is an ideal hobby saw, perfect for pruning and light cutting work. The 40.1 cc Strato-Charge engine produces u...

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Super e-Start
Super e-Start™.
Super e-start reduces pulling force.
MaxClear dust separation system protects engine from dust.
MaxLogic ignition coil achieves ideal ignition by adjusting timing with running situation.
MaxSmart carburetor compensates pressure when air cleaner is clogged.
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