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The Jonsered Chainsaw

Jonsered has a high level of innovation, their own product development team and owns several patented designs. Production is carried out in 20 factories in 10 countries including Sweden, Norway, USA and Japan.
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Perfect Balance and Control.
The streamlined saw body provides perfect balance and control and the front handle creates a clear felling direction markers.
Husqvarna History In 1954, Jonsered produced the prototype for today's modern chain saw when the world's first light, one-man chain saw was presented. The brush cutter arrived the following year and the innovations have followed one after another ever since.

Jonsered is an old, traditional industrial community by the Säve river outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Jonsered's factories were established here in 1834. By the 1880's the manufacture of wood processing machinery had started, leading towards the products Jonsered manufactures today.

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$389.95 Jonsered CS 2250S
These saws are designed for landowners who appreciate turbo air cleaning, an anti-vibration system, and convenient funct...
$199.99 Jonsered CS 2238
A home owner chainsaw which is made for fire wood cutting, pruning and felling small trees in the garden. Our patented C...
$279.99 Jonsered CS 2240
A new low weight all-round chainsaw, optimized for easy handle, maintenance and start. The chainsaw is equipped with a C...
$429.99 Jonsered CS 2255
New generation robust all-round saw. Developed for cutting jobs where you need a high powered responsive chainsaw and is...
$319.95 Jonsered CS 2245
These saws are designed for landowners who appreciate turbo air cleaning, an anti-vibration system, and convenient funct...

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Turbo Air Cleaning
Turbo Air Cleaning.
The turbo technology utilizes centrifugal force and separates up to 97% of all sawdust and dust from the intake air. That is why the filter does not clog as quickly or require cleaning as often as regular chainsaws.
Tool-Free Chain Tensioner
Tool-Free Chain Tensioner.
The side mounted chain tensioner makes chain adjustment quicker and easier. Several models have a tool-free chain tensioner which makes chain tensioning and assembly of the bar and chain even easier.
Easy Start
Easy Start with Spin Start.
Spin Start helps when starting the machine and reduces pull resistance in the starter handle by 90%.
High Power to Weight Ration
High Power to Weight Ration.
Jonsered chainsaws have a high power to output in relation to their weight, and our advanced vibration dampening system using steel springs means that you can work for longer periods.
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