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Yesterday I was cutting a large tree in the backyard and now the chainsaw is stuck in the tree, any ideas to get it out??
01/19/11 at 10:32 am UTC

You need another saw and some felling wedges.

Take the power head of the stuck one leaving the bar and chain. Coming up a foot or so and cut a new wedge and felling cut using the wedges to keep the tree from falling back on the second saw. You could try using the wedges on the cut made by the stuck saw. You may be able to release enough pressure to free the bar. Be sure to check and see if the bar is bent, if so replace it before reassembling the saw. You should make the notch the cut deeper. Be careful when making the felling cut I've seen trees kick back.

  I've been where you are so don't feel bad.


08/13 at 04:31 pm UTC | reply