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Hi there, I'm graduating in the spring and was wondering if anyone knows what types of forestry jobs are available to a new grad.  Majoring in forestry management out here in Seattle and have no idea which field to pursue.

Any advice would be appreciated!
01/17/11 at 04:04 pm UTC

My brother-in-law lives in western MT and has a degree from the Universiy of Michigan in forestry management. He works for a small specialty mill supplying doug fir posts and beams to builders across the US. He is probably the top man in the mill a dosen't make much. Even though he has to work in all kinds of weather he's glad to have a job.

 I think you would do better to contact the USDA and see if  there may be something there. You can't beat working for the government.

08/13 at 04:14 pm UTC | reply