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Today I picked up a heavily used 2009 Echo chain saw CS-400. Got it to turn over and run but would cut out after a few seconds of running which i figured due to old fuel in the tank. I took it to get serviced right away because it needed a good clean up. 

My question is what I should price this at.  The people I picked this up from wanted me to figure out what it is worth and so far all the chain saws I have seen online are all over the ball park. 

The body is in decent shape has some wear on it, the bar is pretty scuffed up and can hardly read the words on it, chain looks okay and looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a couple of years too. It's from 2009, came with manuals and a few other odds and ends. 

any ideas on pricing?

10/05/13 at 03:15 pm UTC
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