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I have a McCulloch Pro MAc 650 that I have had since the mid 80's. It sat for quite a few years, and a couple weeks ago I pulled it out, cleaned it up good and hoped it would start. And it did. Ran pretty well in fact, so I got new bar oil and a chain for it. Then it wouldnt start. SO i replaced the spark plug. I had also put clean gas in it. Still wont fire, even with starting fluid. So I rebuilt the carbuerator, got it back to gether, and it started right up...for 10 seconds. Now nothing again. I know it has spark though. Any ideas?
04/12/12 at 08:26 pm UTC

check the fuel filter in the tank. i have had my promac650 since 1978

and the only time it failed to start was when the filter came apart and a piece clogged the main  jet. replaced filter, took the needle out of main jet then cranked it up and ran it to clear any other trash. always drain

the fuel  if you are not running it for a month or longer. remove the spark plug and spray wd40 in to lube the rings. clean the airfilter too.

next time you want to cut, just ad fuel annd go.

i have cut trees 3foot thick with mine and have harvested many loads of firewood with it.

01/16 at 10:49 am UTC | reply