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My husband took his jonered 2145 in the bush to cut down some firewood  he was cutting the butt of a big tree and it got piched he didnt have his other saw or a wedge dont know why but he had to leave his saw in the tree and never went back for it until 1 and a half yrs later in which i thought it would be gone for sure but no it was still there so he cut it out and brought it home the casing is slitly bent chair was a bit rusty and it looked perty sad but it still had gas in it so i told him keep faith and start it he said no way its done for but he gave it a try and after about 10 pulls it went and the chain moves and it cuts wow he said i told him no its the saw it just told you ya cant keep a good saw down its going to keep on working thats my story and i hope you like it
11/10/11 at 01:26 pm UTC
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