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I've always bought cheapy saws and replaced them when they finally quit. Last year I replaced my 16" and 20" inch Poulans with Husqvarnas. They're both great saws, they start easy and power through locust and oak like butter.

 I have a problem with the 20" 455 Rancher. It leaks bar oil in copious amounts. I can place 2 shop rags folded twice in the power head and in a week or so they will both be soaked, as well as the bottom of the saw.

 I've talked to my dealer and Husqvarna and they both assure me this is correct with a drawn out explanation why. I think it's all BS. I've talked to 2 professional loggers and arborists who assure me that this should not be so.

What to do?  I was really on the fence when I bought them, but the price difference pushed me away from Stihl, big mistake?

08/13/11 at 04:59 pm UTC
Leaky Husky, all saws leak oil,some more than others.There are a lot of variables that cause this.It depends on the position the oiler is in when the saw stops.There is no shut off for the oil and depending on what model saw what type of oiler or what set up is used and what oil is being used,also temperature and how full you left the saw will contribute to how much oil it will leak.The best thing to do is leave you saw with as little of oil as possible.If left full of oil and lets say it gets gets warm out,the oil will expand and even though there is a tank vent the oil will push threw the oiler and leak,once this happens it could siffen the hole tank.And bar oil tends to do this more than regular oil because of its tack.

I hope this helps.
09/20 at 08:28 am UTC | reply

Leaky Husky, I would have to agree with the prior response for the most. All saws do leak some oil, another thing you can do is release the bar oil cap when storing the unit. This will take the pressure out of the tank and help reduce the amount of oil that will leak out.

09/28 at 07:35 am UTC | reply