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I have a jonsered 630, 27yrs old, still a great saw.  I'm having muffler problems, it is melting down the outer cover.  I see a space in the seam of the muffler, can't keep the flange overlapping, and hot air is blowing up.  Any help with getting new parts for this problem
07/25/11 at 09:46 am UTC

Unfortunately that part is no longer available through us. The part number I have is 503 59 03-01 and I have checked a few web sites that carry a ton of our product and accessories to no avail. There is one web site that carries parts for older saws that you may be able to find your part in.The web site is www.chainsawr.com Its one of those non user friendly sites where you are going to have to filter through a bunch of parts until you find what you are looking for.

I hope this helps.

09/28 at 08:03 am UTC | reply