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I just got a saw from a buddy of mine and it was missing the hi /lo needles. went to the stihl dealer here and he said they don't sell the walbro hd17 any more. some of the other sites i have been to say an 044 takes an walbro hd10. if that is the case, did someone put this carb on the saw? or, is it maybe a fire/rescue saw and certain applications like that might take a larger carb? I can't seem to find much for specs on the carb. jet size or whatever. aftermarket would be fine too, but like i said, no one really seems to have a straight answer. I need the saw in about 3 weeks for a big job and i really don't want to take a chance putting on a carb that might run to lean and end up ceasing it. Any help would be much appreciated........

05/29/11 at 10:21 am UTC
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