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01/19/11 at 03:02 pm UTC

New guy here. I have two saws, 18" Craftsman and 20" Craftsman.  They work great at my home at 5800' elevation. But when I go up to my mountain lot at 8500' elevation, I have trouble keeping them running at full rpm after about one hour of wood cutting. Is there a carburetor adjustment I can make for working at 'altitude'? How do I do that? Or is there something elese that needs doing/cleaning? Thanks for the help.  Roy Tryon

07/30 at 09:46 pm UTC | reply
How do I register my Company, STOP Equipment (Husqvarna Full Line Dealer in Conroe, Texas 936-760-1300) on this website so that our dealership shows up on the Dealer search?  Thanks in adavance!
07/14 at 01:42 pm UTC | reply
Ditto to the last guy who asked the question "How do I register my company with Chainsaws.com" so I can get on the list of chainsaw dealerships in my region.  I am a relatively new Maine chainsaw dealership and have searched high and low for a way to register my company with you.  PLEASE share your email or contact numbers @ Chainsaw.com so that us "little guys" can get on your dealer list;  and you might want to consider making it easier for dealers in the future to do the same-maybe a conspicuous link on your homepage somewhere.  Thanks!
Steve Clark/Clarky's Chainsaws-Phippsburg, Maine
11/04 at 08:13 am UTC | reply
I now have a log in. how do i get listed as a dealer? for lawnmowers, chainsaws and zero-turns.
01/25 at 07:48 am UTC | reply