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My buddy asked me what brand would be best and most durable for clearing out an entire acre of forest....any thoughts?
01/19/11 at 12:27 pm UTC
All major brands have saws capable of clearing a forest, you just have to get the model that is going to be most useful for you now and in the future. No sense in buying a $1000 saw if you are going to retire it after 1 year.
03/04 at 05:47 pm UTC | reply

As it says, no need to buy it at $1000 if you are going to retire it in one year. Also, the comsumption makes the chain become weak.

We are professoinal manufacturer of chain saw. Various types are available and we'd like to supply them as you requested with extra spareparts. Reliable quality will be provided.  

Chain saw is about $100 depends on the spareparts.

Let me know if you are interested.

cnadisun@hotmail.com  Jerry



05/21 at 11:43 pm UTC | reply