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Just bought a new chainsaw and the chain broke off when i was cutting a limb. I've only used for the 3 days! Is that something warranty will cover or do I need to take it back to the store?
01/19/11 at 12:19 pm UTC
for it to break that fast you must have been doing something incorrectly with the saw, what kind of limb were you trying to cut?
01/21 at 01:31 pm UTC | reply

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cnadisun@hotmail.com  Jerry


05/21 at 09:24 pm UTC | reply

You need to buy a new chain and maybe a new bar. I sure don't think the dealer or manufacturer is responsible.

 I've gone through 4 saws in my life and I've never had a chain break.

08/13 at 04:38 pm UTC | reply
of course to go back to the store for a change, 3 days the chain be broke, very bad quality
08/13 at 09:49 pm UTC | reply
Chain broke, I would have to agree with several of the other posts that the fact that the chain broke is incredibly odd. I'm not saying its impossable just highly improbable that it broke on its own. I would not even bother trying to get the chain repaired by adding or replacing a link etc. For safety's sake I would replace the chain and possably the bar. If you can lay the bar on a flat service and see any light coming from underneath it I would replace it.
09/28 at 08:14 am UTC | reply