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City Focus: Traverse City Chainsaw Dealers

Published on January 31st

If you are considering purchasing a chainsaw, then you need to know how to find the right saw for you.  Different homeowners and business owners will have very different needs when it comes to these tools, and not all saws will work well for everyone.  A little basic information can help you find the right saw for your needs, no matter what type of home or business you have in Traverse City, MI.

Electric Saws
Electric saws are becoming increasingly popular with many people today.  These saws tend to be relatively small, and are ideal for small chores around the house.  Because they are electric, they lack the loud engine noise that comes with a gas chainsaw, and, therefore, are perfect for neighborhoods where houses can be close together.

Electric saws are usually small, and make excellent tools for light-duty work.  However, they do have to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work, so you will need to make sure that you have extension cords to reach trees or bushes that are well away from the house.

Gas Saws
The most common type of saw available is the gas-powered variety.  These are available in the widest range of sizes and power ratings.  Gas-powered chainsaws are ideal for medium to heavy-duty work, and can be used almost anywhere.  However, you should know that they can be quite loud, and should only be used with ear protection.  Gas-powered saws can range from small to very large, and you should have no problem finding the right model at a local dealer in Traverse City, Michigan.

Pole Saws
Pole saws are actually quite innovative, and combine the power of a saw with the reach of a pole.  These are ideal solutions for trimming hard to reach branches and taking care of jobs that are out of reach.  They also keep you from using a chainsaw on a ladder, which can be dangerous if you are not properly secured.  Pole saws come in several different varieties, though most have the motor on the base of the pole and the blade on the upper end to ensure good balance and ease of use.

Traverse City Chainsaw Dealers
The most significant problem you will find here is trying to locate the right saw.  The best option is to shop with an excellent dealer.  In Traverse City, you can find top brands like Husqvarna at Family Farm & Home Corp, as well as at Roy's General Store & Hardware.  Lark Lawn & Garden (in Grawn) is also a good retailer.

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