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City Focus: Springfield, MO Chainsaw Dealers

Published on February 15th

Chainsaws are an essential tool for homeowners, landscapers, arborists, small business owners, etc.  Whether you are removing fallen trees, trimming limbs or cutting firewood, take a few minutes to research the best way to choose your new chainsaw.

Choosing the Right Saw:

The first consideration is going to be your use of the saw.  You need to make sure that you choose a saw based on what you anticipate needing it for.  If you only think you will need to trim trees and large shrubs around your home, then an electric model might be a good fit.  However, if you need to remove large trees, perform limbing on large trees or frequently cut firewood, then a gas-powered chainsaw is a better decision.

Of course, your options don't stop with electric or gas power.  You will also find that different models have different features.  One of the most important considerations is going to be ergonomics.  Any chainsaw will vibrate when used -- it's a simple fact.  However, you can find models available with ergonomic features that reduce the amount of vibration that actually reaches your hands, arms and shoulders.  This is an important consideration, as a saw without the right ergonomic features can cause fatigue and even injury when used over a long period of time.

Another important consideration is the brand of chainsaw that you choose.  You need to make sure that the saw you buy is from a company with a reputation for durability, performance and overall value.  Consider brands like Husqvarna or McCulloch if you are looking for a premium saw with these features.  All types of users will find that these brands offer models with beneficial features.

Finding a Chainsaw Dealer in Springfield, MO

Deciding WHERE to buy your next saw is as important as deciding WHAT saw to buy.  The wrong dealer might not offer ongoing service, or might not have the expertise to help you find the right model for your needs. In Springfield, we recommend these dealers:

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