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City Focus: Burlington Chainsaw Dealers

Published on February 21st

Choosing where to buy your next chainsaw is much more important than you might expect.

Yes, you read that right.  Using the wrong dealer can have some of these adverse effects:

  • you might purchase the wrong model for your needs,
  • you might not find a good brand of saw,
  • your salesman might not be able to answer your questions, or worse... give you wrong answers! 
Use these considerations before deciding where to buy your next chainsaw:

Expertise and Knowledge
The first consideration you need to make is about the dealer's knowledge and expertise.  Any good dealer should know the features of the saws they carry -- inside and out!  Ideally, a chainsaw dealer should be able to help you find the best saw for your particular situation, rather than just pointing you in the general direction of his "chainsaw section."  If they can't provide specific information about each model they carry and how that model might or might not work for you... run.

Customer Service
No matter what brand of saw you choose, your saw will someday need service.  From chain sharpening to installing replacement parts, the chainsaw dealer that you choose should be able to ensure that all repairs, changes or new installations are done properly and safely.  Using a chainsaw that has been inexpertly repaired or serviced is never a good idea, and can compromise your safety.

Brand Selection
Burlington, VT has the luxury of several top dealers who carry elite chainsaw brands... no need to head to your local big box!  Top brands are recognized for their overall value, performance, durability and ease of use.  Choosing a chainsaw dealer that offers you access to top brands, such as Husqvarna and McCulloch, ensures that you are able to find a saw that will last you for years to come.

Your Decision
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